Terms & Conditions


The courses we offer are designed for a specific audience. You are requested to read the relevant course outline carefully and make sure you are selecting the right course. Course contents will remain fix. It cannot be changed.


All payments must be to the company and reservations are only secure once payments are processed. Softvative Inc. does not take any responsibility for errors in payments made to another source. We accept online (credit card, Paypal.) and bank transfers. Funds deposited to another source by errors are a sole responsibility of the payee.


Softvative Inc. reserves the right to make adjustments for all prices, products and offers at its discretion. At the time of registration, prices on a relevant course will apply. Prices may be changed at any time without prior notification or obligation. The Price you paid at the time of purchase still holds for you.

Corporate quotations have validity that is mentioned in each quotation. Discounts to specific membership programs and sectors are possible and is at a discretion of Softvative Inc.


Once registered for the course, there will be no refund. In case of any issue contact us at contact@softvative.com


Your personal information will be kept confidential with us. Softvative Inc will only use the information to improve our services and offer further quality trainings.


Courses are delivered in the form of Video (Mp4 format), audio visual and text. You could access the videos after paying the course fee. These videos are pre-recorded, so there will be no live interaction with the Instructor. In order to contact Instructor, either contact at his/her email or send email at contact@softvative.com


Corporate clients or individual clients who take services of Softvative Inc would grant us the right to use their logo, name, and reference for future due diligence, publications, marketing, client list etc. publications and promotions of Softvative Inc. Softvative Inc. reserves the right to mention them to any third party (only) as a client. All corporate clients agree to this term by accepting the service(s) proved by a payment/contract.

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