Project Risk Management

Project Risk Managment course is designed for beginners and experience professional managing projects. It is equally important for a professionals who are managing Enterprise Risk Managment, Operational Risk Managment and Financial Risk Managment.



Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management course is designed for beginners and experienced professional managing Risks for projects. This course is equally important for professionals who are managing Enterprise Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, and Financial Risk Management.

This course illustrates the complete Risk management life cycle as described in PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) practice standard and ISO 31000.

Main Topics

1 – What is Risk?
2 – What is Risk Management?
2 – Risk Management Plan
3 – Risk Identification
4 – Qualitative Risk Analysis
5 – Quantitative Risk Analysis
6 – Risk Response Planning
7 – Risk Control

This course comes up with two (2) case studies. These case studies will help students to understand the practical approach towards Risk Management.


After completing the course, participants will be able to:

1 – Develop Risk Management Plan
2 – Interpreting Risk Matrix
3 – Understand and Manage Risk Registers.
4 – Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis on Risk Register
5 – Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
6 – Perform Risk Response Planning
7 – Perform Stakeholder Analysis
8 – Monitoring and Controlling Risks

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