Microsoft Project Professional 2013/2016 Training


Microsoft Project Professional 2013/2016 Training

Microsoft Project Professional 2013/2016 Training  is a course that walks you through Microsoft Project as novice users and takes you through the intricacies of the Microsoft Project based on Project Management Institute (PMI)’s project processes.

This course covers the basic to advanced topics on Microsoft Project.

Course Contents:

  • Project Level Information – Configuring options for Project, configuring project calendar and configuring project information
  • Task level Info – Specify task name, task duration, task milestones, and summary task information
  • Task Types – Learn more about different task types and how to master Fixed Unit, Fixed Duration or Fixed Work
  • Task Dependencies – Defining Task interdependencies i.e. linking tasks.
  • Task Constraint Deadlines – Set Task constraints, Set deadlines. specify Lag and leads (if any)
  • Resource Level Info – Specify Resources (Man, Machine, Material and Expenses), set the task priorities, set the project priorities and resource leveling
  • Assignment Level Info – How assignments are created out of Tasks and how to manage those independently.


Advanced Topics:

  •  Baseline Reports – Setting up baselines and baseline on Gantt chart.
  • View Organizer and Global PMT – Organizer is a tool you can use to copy reports, calendars, and other elements to other projects, or to the Global template
  • Synchronize with One Drive – Sharing documents and other project information with team using One drive
  • Master Projects – You can link multiple projects that are part of same Program / Portfolio together to create a master project / subproject arrangement.


After completing the course, students will be able to:

  •  Plan a project in Microsoft Project by applying PMI PMBOK processes.
  • Assist a Project planner in developing a project plan, scheduling activities, monitoring and tracking progress.
  • Understand basic and advanced level topics of Microsoft Project.
  • Set project Baseline. Use Reporting templates to generate reports
  • How to set Program level projects in Microsoft Project
  • Plan and schedule project in Ms Project 2013 and Ms Project 2016.


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