Creating Site Columns and Content Types for PMO


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Project Management Office is responsible for effective Project Portfolio and Program Management. Without a proper system, it is cumbersome to manage projects and report their status and progress. Project information System (PMIS) is the backbone to establish a successful PMO.

MS SharePoint Offers vibrant system to plan, execute and manage documents and disseminate the required information in a timely manner to respective Stakeholders. MS SharePoint is a driving force to keep all Stakeholders well informed and manages their expectations.

This course is designed to cater the important and most demanding aspects of the MS SharePoint for the PMO i.e. Site Columns and Content Types.

This training is helpful for people who are working for PMO in:
• Banking Sector
• Legal Sector
• IT Sector
• Manufacturing
• Oil and Gas
• Health Care
• Government Sector
• Construction
• Non-Profit Organizations

The intended audience of this guide includes:

• Students
• Corporate Users
• Employees who need to take course
• Business User that want to learn SharePoint
• Site Owner / Farm Administrators who want to learn about in depth end user topics
• SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online / 365 Users

Course Content

Site Column: A site column is a template that you can be assigned to multiple lists across multiple SharePoint sites.
Site Column for PMP: PMO can leverage the Site column’s benefits to establishing some consistent and uniform settings across lists and libraries.

Site Contents for PMO – I: MS SharePoint Site Contents help to plan and organize Project Site contents to stratify the requirements as per the PMO. One can use the combination of different meta-data fields to enhance the work performance.

Site Content for PMO – II: Organizing Custom created PMO Library to manage PMO data. One can maintain different Content types within a single Library.

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