Course Curriculum

SharePoint End User Training
SharePoint End User Introduction 00:09:00
Introduction to SharePoint: Detailed overview of MS SharePoint and its salient features.
SharePoint End User Access 00:12:00
Users can access their related Sites (Require Site Administrator’s permission and approval) using Internet Browser. Site Access Restrictions. Create new members and give them the access.
SharePoint End User Home Page 00:12:00
Detailed walkthrough of Homepage elements. Description of quick and global navigation. The detailed overview about editing page and editing Page properties. Homepage provides gateway to all site contents (documents, libraries and subsites too.)
SharePoint End User Working with Sites 00:14:00
Access to SharePoint content is possible through Site. Lists, Libraries, texture and Site contents are the building block for a site besides Site templates.
SharePoint End User Document Library 00:25:00
Upload existing or create new document to Sharepoint Library. Synchronize the Library document with SharePoint site to enable project team to access it
SharePoint End User Document Library Editing 00:45:00
Detailed step by step procedure to edit document libraries in Ms SharePoint
MS Office Integration
SharePoint End User Office Integration 00:03:00
Seamless Integration with MS Office Application.
SharePoint End User Office Integration – MS Word 00:07:00
Convert a Word document into a Web page. Creating and modifying word document. Attaching Word document to Library.
SharePoint End User Office Integration – MS Excel 00:07:00
Creating and modifying Excel document. Publish an Excel workbook to a SharePoint Site. Connect and display Excel workbook content in an Excel Web Access Web Part.
SharePoint End User Office Integration – MS Outlook 00:04:00
SharePoint End User Office Integration – MS OneNote 00:06:00
Share OneNote’s Notes by using Sharepoint Sites. Sharing OneNote notes with other team Members.
SharePoint End User Office Integration – MS Visio 00:06:00
Creating SharePoint Workflow in SharePoint. Integrating Visio various flowcharts and diagrams to SharePoint.
SharePoint End User Office Integration – MS Access 00:05:00
Create and Publish Access Database with SharePoint. Data accessibility to other users based on their Site access level.
SharePoint End user office Integration – Infopath 00:25:00
Customizing List in InfoPath. Creating form for SharePoint by using InfoPath.
Advanced Topics
SharePoint End User Advanced Topics 00:15:00
Overview of SharePoint Advanced Topics.
SharePoint End user MySites 00:35:00
Plan for My sites in SharePoint. Configure My site in SharePoint. My Site Architecture and Host Site Collection.
SharePoint End User WorkFlows 00:09:00
Overview of SharePoint Workflow. How to create Workflows in SharePoint. Selecting Workflow template and routing document approval and rejection flow.
SharePoint End User Search 00:09:00
The significance of Sharepoint Search. Use the combination of options to refine Search. Use of ‘OR” and ‘And’ in Search. Use advanced search option for refined and accurate results

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