Course Curriculum

Project Risk Management
What is Risk? 00:01:00
A Risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on one or more project objectives.
What is Risk Management? 00:01:00
Risk Management is an organized, systematic and structured way to Plan, Implement, Execute and Control Risk related activities.
Risk Management Process
Risk Management Process 00:05:00
Detailed overview of complete Risk Management process.
Risk Identification 00:05:00
Risk Identification Process. Different methodologies to identify Risk.
Risk Management Plan 00:01:00
Risk Managment plan. Various components of Risk Managment Plan.
Risk Management Plan Mindmap 00:04:00
Risk Management Plan Mind Map illustrates the various components of the Risk Management Plan.
Qualitative Risk Analysis 00:02:00
What is Qualitative Risk Analysis? Performing Qualitative Risk Analysis by using Risk Matrix.
Risk Matrix or Heat Map 00:03:00
Overview of Risk Matrix. How to use Risk Matrix for Risk Analysis. It is also called as Heat Map.
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis on Risk Register 00:02:00
Performing Qualitative Risk Analysis on Risk Register. Specifying Probability and Impact for a Risk to calculate the Risk Score.
Quantitative Risk Analysis 00:02:00
Quantitative risk analysis provides a numerical estimate of the overall risk effect on the project’s objectives.
Integrated Risk Analysis 00:03:00
Integrated Risk Analysis is doing Schedule and cost Risk analysis together using Monte Carlo Simulation.
Cost Risk Analysis 00:09:00
QCSA (Quantitative Risk Analysis) with the help o PERT. How to establish cost estimate and perform Cost Risk Analysis
Decision Tree Analysis 00:02:00
Decision Tree Analysis. Different terminologies use in Decision Tree Analysis. Developing Decision Tree for a Probabilistic Analysis.
Risk Response Planning 00:09:00
Risk Response planning is depending upon the Risk Rating. Risk Response planning helps to calculate schedule and cost contingencies or other alternatives.
Control Risk 00:01:00
Tracking identified risks. Monitoring residual Risk that are on watch list. Identifying new Risks. Risk Audit to evaluate Risk process effectiveness throughout the project.
Risk Communication 00:01:00
Identifying Communication requirements of the stakeholders and planning for Risk Communication.
Stakeholder Analysis 00:07:00
Stakeholder Identification. Stakeholder categorization on the basis of their Power and Interest. Performing Stakeholder Analysis to prioritize Risk communication.
Risk Response Planning and Control Risks on Risk Register 00:02:00
Performing Risk Control and Risk Response on Risk Register.
Case Studies
Case Study -1 RM 00:20:00
Case Study -1 illustrates how to understand the problem and how to develop a flow chart to have a thorough understanding of a complete process. Perform Integrated Risk Analysis for a Product Development Project
Case Study – 2 RM 00:11:00
Case Study - 2. How to perform Schedule Risk Analysis on Level - I schedule for a process Industry

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