Course Curriculum

Project Initiation
Project Economics – PM 00:07:00
Performing Financial Analysis of the project. IRR, NPV, FV, PV and other formulae related Project Economics.
Project Charter-PM 00:21:00
Project Charter is a document that gives authority to the Project Manager to plan and execute the Project.
Project Planning
Project Management Plans – PM 00:07:00
Project Mangement plans. How to plan the components of the project management.
Project Stakeholder Analysis – PM 00:12:00
Learn how to identify and perform Stakeholder analysis. Stakeholder analysis using Power - Interest Grid.
Project Stakeholder Register – PM 00:12:00
Stakeholder Register is the best way to keep record of all the requirement, initiated by the Stakeholders.
Project Requirement Gathering – PM 00:07:00
Gathering project requirements. discuss the best tools and techniques to gather project requirements effectively.
Project Scope – PM 00:07:00
Techniques to finalise project scope
WBS – PM 00:05:00
WBS - Work Breakdown Structure. Dividing Projects into Small and Manageable Chunks
Activity List – PM 00:04:00
Creating activity list to develop schedule.
Scheduling – PM 00:28:00
Creating Network diagram Identify the paths and Critical Path. Forward and Backward Pass.
Project Resources – PM 00:04:00
Project resources in terms of Man, Machine, and Material. Project resources to calculate cost estimate
Project Cost Estimation – PM 00:38:00
Cost estimation classification. Lean how to do cost estimation.
Project Quality – PM 00:17:00
Planning for project quality. What are the key important factors for quality.
Project Risk Management – PM 00:10:00
What is Risk? How to Identify and analyze Risks? Discussion on Opportunity and Issue for effective project management
Project Risk Register – PM 00:35:00
What is Risk register? Using Risk register for capture all the information related to Risk management.
Project procurement Register – PM 00:14:00
The significance of procurement register. Learn the ways to capture the procurement and shipping related information into procurement register.
Project Execution
Project Execution – PM 00:11:00
Discuss the various components of the project execution.
Project change Management – PM 00:04:00
How to perform change management? brief discussion on change management.
Project Control
Project Earned Value Management – PM 00:23:00
What is Earned value? How to calculate values for EVM? Learn EVM through an example.
Project Closure
Project closure – PM 00:07:00
Discussion on phase and project closeout.

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